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Before and After Dyno - Boost and Rockers
Dyno Results for Supercharged V6
A Great Example of how well FIT's Boost and Rocker Combo works. Here is the Results from Jason Kryceck's Immaculate Red VX 'S' Pack. He purchased the FIT 10psi Boost Kit and 1.9:1 High Ratio Rockers and had Jake from Jakes Performance install it for him.
Comparing the Dyno Results Before and After Revealed an Extra 46rwhp !! The Total Package Outputting 176rwkw (234rwhp) !! This Hot Red VX 'S' Pack is now easily capable of 13sec 1/4 Mile Times !! Not bad for just Boost and Rockers !!

Brand 'X' 1.8s vs. FIT 1.9's Rockers
Dyno results for Yella Terra Rockers vs FIT Rockers
Independent evaluation has been done on the Brand 'x' 1.8:1 and FIT 1.9:1 Rockers. The Brand 'x' 1.8 High Ratio Roller Rockers managed 116rwkw (154rwhp) after a number of dyno runs. The car was left on the dyno and had the Brand 'x' 1.8:1 Rockers Removed and the FIT 1.9:1 High Ratio Rockers we Installed. There was a VERY Noticeable Advantage in Power, Torque and Throttle Response with the FIT Rockers over the Brand 'x'.
Power with the FIT 1.9's was 122rwkw (162rwhp)
Advantage of 5.5rwkw (7.3rwhp) over Brand 'X'
Note how much More Substantial the Power Production is in the Mid-Range and Top End ! FIT Rockers Conclusively Dominate the Brand 'x' Rocker by quite a healthy margin. The FIT 1.9 Rockers have been tested all across Australia to Conclusively Produce Greater Power figures than any other brand of rocker available.

Before and After Boost and Rockers - XU6
V6 Supercharged M90 L67 Boost and Rockers Dyno Results
Rockers: This dyno graph shows the difference in the XU-6's power from standard boost of 6psi as delivered. The 188rwhp (139rwkw) result was actually quite good for a Stock XU-6. Installing the FIT 1.9:1 Rockers showed Instant Gains, the New Power Output on Standard Boost (6psi) was 206rwhp !!
That's an Improvement of 18rwhp from the Rocker's alone !!
We normally see around 13-16rwhp gain from the rockers, but this was an Great Example of how close to 20rwhp can be added by a simple bolt-on product. This also Proves we are right on track with our advertised Power Specification of 10-20kW Gains for Supercharged V6's.
Boost: Next we installed the FIT Boost Upgrade kit to Increase Boost to 10psi. The Result was Instantly Better with 219rwhp (219kW) being recorded. Notice how the Rockers and Boost work Hand-in-Hand to produce a Stronger Result. Together the FIT 1.9:1 Rockers and 10psi Boost Upgrade Produced
A Whopping Power Improvement of 31rwhp from Boost and Rockers !!
The Boost and Rocker Combo is by far the BEST Upgrades you can do for a Supercharged V6.

Before and After 1.9:1 Rockers - Ecotec
Ecotec V6 Before and After Dyno of 1.9 High Ratio Rockers
This is another great example of how well FIT's 1.9:1 High Ratio Roller Rockers work. Driving onto the dyno the Ecotec pulled a healthy 136.8rwhp (102.8rwkw) after have recently fitted Pacemaker Extractors and 2 1/2" and Cat Back Exhaust.
After the 1 hour installation time to fit the FIT 1.9:1 Rockers the car was tested again on the same dyno. Immediately the dyno graph shot up way past the original output and just kept pulling till redline. The Result of 152.3rwhp (114.5rwkw) was Achieved !!
Net Gain of 16rwhp (12rwkw), with nothing else but the rockers changed !!
What was even more remarkable is the Increase in Low Down and Midrange Torque. These Rockers added a Real Advantage to this engine with Gains all the way !!
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