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How to Get Your Car Featured ?
Buy parts from our store, send us your pictures and we'll get your car featured !
VTPSI - Dave Ricko from Power Cruise
- Street Commodores Magazine Feature Car -
A2A Intercooler, 24psi Boost, Rockers 320kw (241rwkw) - Bolt-ons Only !
Joe's Multi-Award Winning A2A Intercooled Sigma
- Blair - WOW-10Z Awesome Red Sigma -
A2A Intercooled, 17psi, Rockers - Bolt-ons Only
Australia and Worlds Fastest Supercharged V6
10.8sec @ 115mph with 376rwhp
(Stock Heads, Stock Cam, Stock Rods)
Dane - ICULKN - Incredible VT Supercharged V6
Australia's Fastest Factory Supercharged V6
11.9 sec @ 112mph
Peters Wheels Standing Corolla
334rwhp - 11.7sec @ 117mph
Blairs -WOW 10z - Before Red Paint -
NOS Purge 100hp Shot
Shanes Awesome Looking VX Supercharged V6 !
Darryl - KAL SPL - Trashing the hell out of it at the Motorplex
Australia's Reknowned V6 Supercharged Burnout King
Justin - ASTRO - VP Supercharged V6 Conversion Wagon
Now Whippled with A2A Intercooler
416rwhp on Stock Bottom End  !
Adam Gill - XP Hot Cam and Everything 200rkw
Paul Burmans - Show stoppin Awesome Black Monaro
Ryan - VTL67 - Awesome Raven VT L67 Supercharged V6
John's Incredible head turning VX
 286rwhp with A2A, Rockers and Boost - Just Bolt-ons !
Vince Attards - Chrome is Good - Show Car ! 
Ryans Awesome VX Calais
Great Wheels !
Andrew - XU6VX
How Tough does this Look !
How to Get Your Car Featured ?
If you would like to have you car featured here please send us your pictures with the list of upgrades you purchased from V6 Performance or FIT and any other modifications you have.
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Colder Plugs for Supercharged V6
AUTOLITE 103 Colder Plugs
List Price $79.00
Sale Price: $44.00

NASCAR Race Car Developed Performance Spark Plugs !!
Many V6 Supercharged owners are requesting Colder Plugs but they are so hard to find in Australia. We have ordered bulk quantities of the AUTOLITE 103 NASCAR Copper core Spark Plugs from the USA which have been pre-gapped to 1.0mm for best performance.