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FIT 300kW Enhanced Sticker
300kW FIT Enhanced
Sale Price: $12.50

Enhance the look of your Supercharged V6 by adding our Exclusive 300kW FIT Enhanced Stickers. These stickers used to only be available to the Official 300kW Club, but due to overwhelming request we have now made them available for anyone to purchase.
10 Secret Tips for Supercharged V6
10 Secret Tips for Supercharged V6
Sale Price: $22.00

The 10 Secret Tips for making your Supercharged V6 Go Faster ! The Holy Grail of Supercharged V6 Performance. All the Tips and Secrets Discovered through our Racing Development Involvement have now been released. Our Easy step by step guide to getting the Optimum Performance out of your Supercharged V6 !
Voltage Increase Kit
Volatge Increase Kit
Sale Price: $24.00

Increase the Voltage on your Car by 0.5-0.8 volts depending on electrical loadand engine rpm. Good for those with Big Stereos or High Wattage Lights which place extra strain on the Altenator and Battery. This Voltage Increase Kit will Boost nominal running volatge from 13.8volts upto 14.5volts. The effect will be noticeably brighter headlights and improved voltage through Stereo and Engine Spark Coils.
In-Cabin Fan Switch
In-Cabin Fan Switch
Sale Price: $28.00

New In-Cabin Fan Switch allows you to switch on the Engine Cooling Fans anytime you want to. Be it Towing, Racing or Summertime Heat, you can switch on the Engine Cooling Fans at the Flick of a Switch inside the Cabin to give you that Extra Cooling Ability. This item is Great when teamed up with our 81*C Cooler thermostat as well for maximum effect.
Rough Idle Fix Ford Falcon BA/BF and FG Falcon and Territory models
Rough Idle Fix
Sale Price: $28.00

Fix the Rough Idle on your Ford 6 Cylinder engine easily !!

NEW PRODUCT !! .. Absolutely the Best Product for those frustrated with their crappy rough Idle on Ford BA/BF and FG Falcon models and Ford Territory Inline 6 engines (suits Naturally Aspirated and Turbo Models)

If if you're annoyed with your terrible idle quality at the traffic lights when the Transmission lever is positioned in the 'D' drive mode then we have the simplest, best low-cost fix for you!! After 3 years slaving away at trying to find a solution to this very common problem we've finally found it !! Having owned many BA/BF Falcon 6's and Ford Territory's with high klms we've noticed a very common problem with them all.

Virtually all of them idle rough when in "D" for Drive but seem to idle fine when in "N" Neutral or "P" for Park. If you have this problem and it's driving you nuts then this may be the best product you ever buy!!
Colder Plugs for Supercharged V6
1.0mm Gapped Colder Plugs
Sale Price: $34.00

Gapped Colder Plugs for the Supercharged V6 !!
Many V6 Supercharged owners are requesting Colder Plugs. To make it all soo much easier we have done all the hard work for you. We have sourced stocks of the Colder Plugs and spent the time Gapping them all to 1.0mm making it so much easier for you to just Bolt-on and go !
Electric Lumpy Idle Switch
Electric Lumpy Idle Switch
Sale Price: $34.00

First product of it's kind in the V6 Performance World ! Electric Lumpy Idle Switch ...!! Ever wanted your engine to sound like it has a Beefier note, Lumpy Cam sound or choppy sounding exhaust? Well here's your solution. Easily installed in 5mins, this electric lumpy cam switch is able to take your engine from smooth and quiet, to lumpy rough idle at push of a button !
81C Cooler Thermostat for Supercharged V6
81*C Cooler Thermostat
Sale Price: $38.00

Cooler Engine helps with Power and Reliabilty !!
Running your engine at 10°C Cooler Operating Temperatures avoids component failure due to extreme heat. Great for use with Towing or Driving in Hot Summertime conditions. Our 81°C Cooler thermostat starts to open at 81°C which allows the water to flow through the engine and radiator earlier to cool the engine sooner.
Hi-Low Boost Switch
Hi-Low Boost Switch
Sale Price: $38.00

New Hi-Low Boost Switch allows you to switch between High and Low Boost anytime you want to. Be it Towing, Racing, Wet Weather or Summertime Heat, you can switch the Boost from 6psi to 10psi at the Flick of a Switch inside the Cabin to give you control of your power. Want to conserve fuel ? Switch to Low Boost ! Need Traction in the Wet ? Switch to Low Boost ! Want to Go Racing - Switch to High Boost !
Colder Plugs for Supercharged V6
AUTOLITE 103 Colder Plugs
Sale Price: $44.00

NASCAR Race Car Developed Performance Spark Plugs !!
Many V6 Supercharged owners are requesting Colder Plugs but they are so hard to find in Australia. We have ordered bulk quantities of the AUTOLITE 103 NASCAR Copper core Spark Plugs from the USA which have been pre-gapped to 1.0mm for best performance.
Shorter Belt for Boost Upgrade
Shorter Belt for Boost Upgrade
Sale Price: $56.00

For your convenience we have now made the Shorter Belt for our Boost Upgrade available for separate purchase. This is very handy for those wanting to purchase the Pulley, Hub and Belt separately from the full pulley upgrade kit to save them some dollars on installing it all with their own engineering and tools. We have also made these belts available for those already running the FIT Boost Upgrade Kit but are wanting a spare belt just incase.
PUSH-TO-START Button for Commodore
PUSH-TO-START Button for Commodore
Sale Price: $58.00

NEW PRODUCT !! Race Style Push-to-Start Button
By far the coolest upgrade you can do to your Commodore. Dash Mounted and Illuminated Red PUSH-TO-START button brings a Race Car look and feel to your Commodore V6 or V8. Comes with all the instructions and electrical wiring connectors for Easy DIY Install
GATORBACK Super Grip Belt for Supercharged V6
GATORBACK Super Grip Belt
Sale Price: $78.00

The Best Performing Automotive Belt in the USA is the Goodyear GATORBACK Super Grip Belt. These belts are Impossible to get in Australia. We have purchased bulk quantities of them from the USA in the specific size required for 10psi Upgrade Kits on Supercharged V6's. The Goodyear GATORBACK Belt is reknowned to provide Exceptional Belt Grip and Performance, Pefect for your Highly Modified Supercharged V6 !
Boost Gauge for Supercharged V6
7 Colour Boost Gauge
Sale Price: $88.00

Select from 7 different background Colours at the Push of a Button. This High tech boost gauge gives you the ability to select your choice of different LED Illumination Background Colours at the push of a button ! A Great Way to Easily match the colour of your dash lighting. Measures Supercharger Boost Pressure from -20Hg to 25psi Accurately ! With a Modern Stylish Design layered and finished in Satin silver these boost gauges are Absolutely Fantastic !
RACE Flow - Clear Perspex Lid
RACE Flow - Clear Perspex Lid
Sale Price: $89.00

RACE Flow Clear Perspex Lid for Car Shows and Magazine
A Great way to Enhance the Look of your Engine Bay is to fit our RACE Flow system and purchase this Additional Clear Perspex Lid. Looks Great for Car Shows, Magazine Shoots, or just Great Engine Detailing ! Can be used for Road Driving though we recommend swapping back to regular lid to preserve the Perspex Lid Clarity.
POWER MAX Premium Spark Leads
Sale Price: $89.00

These are the New 2015 Release POWER MAX Spark Lead set ! These are the Highest Quality Leads within the Power Max Range and the Best Spark Lead you can get for the Eoctec and Supercharged. These Spark Leads are known to fix many of the misfiring problems with Holoden Ecotec and Supercharged V6 Engines.
EAGLE BLUE PREMIUM 9.0mm Spark Leads
Sale Price: $98.00

High Quality EAGLE BLUE 9.0mm Leads !!
These EAGLE BLUE PREMIUM 9.0mm Spark Leads are made to the Highest Quality Standards. If you are having trouble with misfiring, popping and surging from your Eoctec or Supercharged V6 it may be due to faulty leads or plugs. These EAGLE BLUE High Performance Ignition Leads are known to fix many of the misfiring problems experienced with standard leads.
5/16"s Pushrods for FIT 1.97 Hybrid Rockers
5/16 Pushrods for 1.97 Hybrid Rockers
Sale Price: $158.00

We strongly recommend purchasing 5/16"s Pushrods when installing 1.97 Hybrid Extreme Rockers. Due to the Extreme Ratio using up all the available clearance there is virtually no clearance left where the pushrod goes done into the valley. In some instances the clearance is so tight that contact is made with the cylinder head casting. We recommend these lesser diameter 5/16"s pushrods to give you the clearance back you need to run the 1.97 Hybrid Extreme Rockers
HSV XU-6 High Performance Chip
HSV XU-6 Platinum Series Performance Chip
Sale Price: $189.00

Brand New HSV XU-6 200kW High Performance Chip !
Easy DIY Plug-in Memcal installs in 5 Minutes, no special tools or knowledge required. Tuned and Calibrated from HSV Development Engine Management and Transmission Shift Points ! If you have upgraded your Extractors, Exhaust and Cold Air Intake to HSV XU-6 Specification you will gain 8-12kW More Power and 10-15Nm More Torque taking you to 200kW and more in 5 minutes !
High Performance 69mm Big Bore Throttle Body for Commodore V6
69mm Big Bore Throttle Body
Sale Price: $249.00

High Performance BIG BORE Throttle Body for V6 Engines !!
High Performance 69mm Big Bore Throttle Body for VT-VY Ecotec and Supercharged V6 Engines ! Improve the Power, Torque, Throttle Response and Acceleration of your Commodore by upgrading from factory stock 65mm Throttle Body to our High Performance Big Bore 69mm Throttle Body ! One of Best Selling Products, Easy to DIY !
New M90 Supercharger Snout
Complete M90 Supercharger
Sale Price: $1,250.00

Genuine Holden GM Eaton M90 Complete Supercharger !

Is your Supercharger starting to get a bit Noisy ? Making Grinding or Worn-Out Bearing Noises ? It may be your Supercharger Rotors and Snout Bearings or shaft have worn out ! No Company currently offers Supercharger Rebuilding Services, so we have had to source low kilometer units. These are Genuine Holden GM Eaton M90 Superchargers made for the Aussie Supercharged V6 !
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