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V6 Performance Testimonials
After driving around with the stock airbox for almost 2 years I decided to bite the bullet and get your RACE Flow VS CAI System, 4" MAF Ducting and Perspex Lid ! It only took 15 minutes to install and straight away from the first drive I am Absolutely Thrilled with the Results !
With the RACE Flow fitted the car just pulls like a Steam Train all the way to Redline and the Power is Soo much more than before. I estimate I gained 15-20kW from this upgrade and the Throttle response is Incredible ! The New PERSPEX Lid looks pretty Cool Too !
I am Very Impressed with this kit and now look forwards to getting the 1.97 Hybrid Rockers !!

Ian Theodore, VS Ecotec Wagon, WA

V6 Ecotec Performance Cold Air Intake CAI

Cam Sonno from Victoria Writes:
On the road test I noticed an instant increase in throttle response, much more poke off the line and the it has made the exhaust note a much deeper note which is good. You can definitely feel the engine is breathing better and much less restricted than the stock intake tube.
Cam Sonno, VY HBD-V6, VIC
V6 Performance Engine - Ecotec V6
Holden V6 Performance Engine

Hello V6 Performance !
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the 10.5 psi pulley. I have noticed a Great Increase in Acceleration and Induction Whine. Awesome mod for the Super 6's !
Thanks again guys, was a pleasure !
P.S. I've attached a photo of my car if you want to put it on your website.

Anthony, VT Supercharged V6 VIC

VX Commodore Supercharged V6

Hi Guys, Just a quick email to say many thanks for my last lot of upgrades. Your mods are so easy to fit ! The gain in power has been tremendous. I have sent through some photos for you to use on your website if you like.
My Upgrades: Cold Air Intake, K&N filter, 4'' MAF Ducting & MAF relocater, Heat Shield, 10 PSI Boost Kit, Colder Plugs, Magnum Leads, 69mm Big Bore Throttle Body, XU-6 Memcal Chip
My next step will be to replace the Rods & Rockers after an exhaust upgrade
Keep up the Great Service !

Peter Stenny, VX S Series, NSW

Redline V6 - Ecotec V6 Performance Engine Bay

Hey V6 Performance its Ben from the Gold Coast just sendin in some pictures of my car. I put on all the upgrades you recommended and wow what a difference ! Power went from 180kW to 230kW with a Huge Increase in Torque ! The car is Awesome and exciting to drive now and the Supercharger Whine is fantastic !


Limited Edition HSV XU-6
XU-6 by HSV Performance Division

Installed the New 69mm Big Bore Throttle Body and Type-S Cold Air Intake kit and would just like to say I am Very happy with the Results ! Instantly noticeable Mega Increase in off the line torque and acceleration fuel consumption is lower and car just sounds better all round. Thanks V6 Performance I will be buying more parts very soon !

Tim, VY Berlina Yagoona NSW

V6 Engine with 4

The pulley upgrade from Forced Induction Technologies is a fantastic mod that I am extremely impressed with, for performance, ease of fitting and at a very low cost. I'm very happy with the results, had a dyno run today and pulled 159.6rwkw !
I am now looking forward to many more upgrades !

Michael Gordon, VT SS, Western Australia

I recently purchased your 1.9:1 High Ratio Rockers, 81*C Thermostat and Heat Shield. I just wanted to let you know that after installing I am Extremely Happy with the Results !
The car runs so much smoother, and the pickup is heaps better than before. Being a Stock Ecotec on the Dyno before it Pulled 101 rwkw after fitting your parts it pulled 123 rwkw !
I would like to Congratulate your Company on the Awesome Products and Service !

Robert Bounday, VT Berlina, NT

I purchased the Type-S CAI and noticed results straight away from fitting the new lower airbox and extra inlets. I was a bit sceptical about the merits of fitting the top part of the kit because to me it did not seem any more gains would come from it.
To my surprise it did ! I can definitely hear more whine and air from the Supercharger and the overall Throttle Response is Excellent. I can now see why full conversion procedure must be done for Maximum Benefits of the Type-S CAI.

Jim Urosevic, VT Calais Series II, NSW

On Saturday I fitted the 10psi pulley on my XU6. Combined with the other upgrades I'm more than happy with the Results. In the past I have had a Gen III Clubby and in my opinion the XU6 is more than a match, thanks for your help and advise.
I have no hesitation in recommending FIT to others in my Commodore Club !

Russell Hoare, VT XU-6 Series II, WA

Hello V6 Specialist's, I have a 99VT II V6 S/C Calais and by followng your website information and upgrade path I have now got 10 psi Boost, 1:9 Rockers, Type S CAI, Top Gun 8mm Leads, AUTOLITE 103 Spark Plugs and Redback Exhaust system.
It feels Awesome to drive and the sound from the Supercharger and Exhaust is Incredible ! Following your 10 Secret Tips I went down to the track I managed to pull 14.2 sec at WSID
I'd just like to say thanks for all the great parts and advise I am very happy !

Paul, VT Calais NSW

Just giving some feedback. Fitted the CAI, 1.97 Rockers, and Pulley the other day and it runs great. We went for a quick spin after and was amazed how much the power had Increased !!
Thanks again guys, more than Impressed !

James Bolton, VS Calais Series II, VIC

It makes our day to hear great feedback from even more V6 Performance fans. If you have some feedback you would like to share please send it in to us at
V6 Performance, Australia
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