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Electric Lumpy Idle Switch
Electric Lumpy Idle Switch
Sale Price: $34.00

First product of it's kind in the V6 Performance World ! Electric Lumpy Idle Switch ...!! Ever wanted your engine to sound like it has a Beefier note, Lumpy Cam sound or choppy sounding exhaust? Well here's your solution. Easily installed in 5mins, this electric lumpy cam switch is able to take your engine from smooth and quiet, to lumpy rough idle at push of a button !
81C Cooler Thermostat for Supercharged V6
81*C Cooler Thermostat
Sale Price: $38.00

Cooler Engine helps with Power and Reliabilty !!
Running your engine at 10°C Cooler Operating Temperatures avoids component failure due to extreme heat. Great for use with Towing or Driving in Hot Summertime conditions. Our 81°C Cooler thermostat starts to open at 81°C which allows the water to flow through the engine and radiator earlier to cool the engine sooner.
Colder Plugs for Supercharged V6
AUTOLITE 103 Colder Plugs
Sale Price: $44.00

NASCAR Race Car Developed Performance Spark Plugs !!
Many V6 Supercharged owners are requesting Colder Plugs but they are so hard to find in Australia. We have ordered bulk quantities of the AUTOLITE 103 NASCAR Copper core Spark Plugs from the USA which have been pre-gapped to 1.0mm for best performance.
PUSH-TO-START Button for Commodore
PUSH-TO-START Button for Commodore
Sale Price: $58.00

NEW PRODUCT !! Race Style Push-to-Start Button
By far the coolest upgrade you can do to your Commodore. Dash Mounted and Illuminated Red PUSH-TO-START button brings a Race Car look and feel to your Commodore V6 or V8. Comes with all the instructions and electrical wiring connectors for Easy DIY Install
Heat Shield for Exhaust Manifold
Laser Heat Shield
Sale Price: $88.00

Stop the Heat getting into your Cold Air Intake !!
For those who want Extract all the Horsepower from their Ecotec or Supercharged V6 this is a must have on your Performance List. Our Custom Engineered Laser Cut Heat Shield is impressive. The purpose of the Heat Shield is to Stop the Heat Rising off your Exhaust and into your Intake Ducting. The Result is an Increase in Performance !
POWER MAX Premium Spark Leads
Sale Price: $89.00

These are the New 2015 Release POWER MAX Spark Lead set ! These are the Highest Quality Leads within the Power Max Range and the Best Spark Lead you can get for the Eoctec and Supercharged. These Spark Leads are known to fix many of the misfiring problems with Holoden Ecotec and Supercharged V6 Engines.
HSV 3800 High Performance Memcal Chip
HSV 3800 Memcal Chip
Sale Price: $189.00

Brand New SV 3800 High Performance Chip !
Easy DIY Plug-in Memcal installs in 5 Minutes, no special tools or knowledge required. Tuned and Calibrated to SV 3800 Specification with Engine Management and Transmission Shift Points Optimisation. If you have upgraded your Extractors, Exhaust and Cold Air Intake you will gain 5-8kW More Power just like the SV3800 V6 !
High Performance 69mm Big Bore Throttle Body for Commodore V6
VN VP VR 69mm Throttle Body for V6 Buick Series
Sale Price: $259.00

High Performance BIG BORE Throttle Body for V6 Engines !!
High Performance 69mm Big Bore Throttle Body for VN-VR Buick V6 Engines ! Improve the Power, Acceleration and Throttle Response of your Commodore by upgrading from factory stock Throttle Body to our High Performance Big Bore 69mm Throttle Body ! One of Best Selling Products, Easy to DIY in 10 Minutes !
RACE Flow Cold Air Intake for VN-VS Commodores
VS SERIES RACE Flow - Cold Air Intake
Sale Price: $289.00

RACE Flow the Newest Addition to our Cold Air Intake Range
A Revolution in Cold Air Intake Designs this Totally New Airbox does away with the existing factory airbox and provides a Completely New System from the ground up. Manufactured from Heat Resistant Black Acrylic Extrusion the new Airbox is very functional and Looks Great !! Available for VN-VS Series Buick and Ecotec V6 Commodores.
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