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Great High Performance Upgrades for 4CYL, 6CYL, V8 and Rotarys
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Rough Idle Fix Ford Falcon BA/BF and FG Falcon and Territory models
Rough Idle Fix
Sale Price: $28.00

Fix the Rough Idle on your Ford 6 Cylinder engine easily !!

NEW PRODUCT !! .. Absolutely the Best Product for those frustrated with their crappy rough Idle on Ford BA/BF and FG Falcon models and Ford Territory Inline 6 engines (suits Naturally Aspirated and Turbo Models)

If if you're annoyed with your terrible idle quality at the traffic lights when the Transmission lever is positioned in the 'D' drive mode then we have the simplest, best low-cost fix for you!! After 3 years slaving away at trying to find a solution to this very common problem we've finally found it !! Having owned many BA/BF Falcon 6's and Ford Territory's with high klms we've noticed a very common problem with them all.

Virtually all of them idle rough when in "D" for Drive but seem to idle fine when in "N" Neutral or "P" for Park. If you have this problem and it's driving you nuts then this may be the best product you ever buy!!
Electric Lumpy Idle Switch
Electric Lumpy Idle Switch
Sale Price: $34.00

First product of it's kind in the V6 Performance World ! Electric Lumpy Idle Switch ...!! Ever wanted your engine to sound like it has a Beefier note, Lumpy Cam sound or choppy sounding exhaust? Well here's your solution. Easily installed in 5mins, this electric lumpy cam switch is able to take your engine from smooth and quiet, to lumpy rough idle at push of a button !
82*C High Flow Cooler Thermostat for XR6 Turbo and FPV F6 Typhoon
XR6 Turbo and F6 Typhoon Cooler Thermostat
Sale Price: $48.00

Cooler Thermostat for XR6 Turbo and F6 Typhoon !!
Running your engine at 10°C Cooler Operating Temperatures avoids component failure due to extreme heat. Great for use with Towing or Driving in Hot Summertime conditions. Our 82°C Cooler thermostat starts to open at 81°C which allows the water to flow through the engine and radiator earlier to cool the engine sooner.
PUSH-TO-START Button for Commodore
PUSH-TO-START Button for Commodore
Sale Price: $58.00

NEW PRODUCT !! Race Style Push-to-Start Button
By far the coolest upgrade you can do to your Commodore. Dash Mounted and Illuminated Red PUSH-TO-START button brings a Race Car look and feel to your Commodore V6 or V8. Comes with all the instructions and electrical wiring connectors for Easy DIY Install
Colder Spark Plugs for XR6 Turbo
Colder Spark Plugs for XR6 Turbo
Sale Price: $68.00

NASCAR Race Car Developed Performance Spark Plugs !!
Many XR6 Turbo and FPV F6 Turbo owners are requesting Colder Plugs but they are so hard to find in Australia. We have ordered bulk quantities of the AUTOLITE WASHER SEAT NASCAR Copper core Spark Plugs from the USA which have been pre-gapped to 0.8mm for best Performance and Fuel Economy.
BA/BF i-Phone Stereo Input Connector and Charger
BA/BF i-Phone Audio and Charging Lead
Sale Price: $89.00

This All-in-One solution Connector for i-Phone to integrate with your Ford BA/BF Stereo. You will have Audio in Perfect Clarity and also be charging your i-Phone all in the one connector. No more messing around with messy cords and multiple ad-hoc solutons. This is the real-deal and allows you to properly listen to your i-Phone audio through your car stereo and speakers with 100% Quality, no signal lost like FM Transmitter types.
Boost Gauge for XR6 Turbo and FPV F6 Typhoon
XR6 Turbo Multicolour Colour Boost Gauge
Sale Price: $92.00

Select from 7 different background Colours at the Push of a Button. This High tech boost gauge gives you the ability to select your choice of different LED Illumination Background Colours at the push of a button ! A Great Way to Easily match the colour of your dash lighting. Measures Supercharger Boost Pressure upto 25psi Accurately ! With a Modern Stylish Design layered and finished with Tinted Smoked Diplay these boost gauges are Perfect for XR6 Turbo's !
Boost Gauge for XR6 Turbo and FPV F6 Typhoon
XR6 Turbo Twin Gauge Mounts
Sale Price: $179.00

These stylish XR6 Turbo Gauge Mount Pods are designed similar to the FPV F6 Typhoon twin gauge mounts but are also available in single gauge depending on your preference and requirements. Easy to install with minimal modification, these gauge mounts are finished in Graphite Charcoal Colour and ready to clip into your dash. You can fit any 52mm gauge to these mounts including Autometer Cobalt Digital and Manual Series, Race Tech and more
XR6 Turbo 280kW and F6 Typhoon 330kW ECU Program Tuner
XR6 Turbo 280kW ECU Program Tuner
Sale Price: $725.00

Chip Tuner for XR6 Turbo Handheld Digital Pro-Tuner !
Easily Increase the Power and Torque of your Ford XR6 Turbo with a simple 5 Minute Tune ! Increase your stock XR6 Turbo Power from 240kW by 40-50kW taking it to 280kW to 290kW just with a tune. No other modifications required. Works on stock exhaust, stock intake, stock filter. The engine remains totally stock, aside from the tune. This would have to be the Best Product to gain 50kW so easily ever produced ! If you have an XR6 Turbo, you are very lucky ! Do yourself a favour and get this Pro-Tuner to increase your power to 280kW ... its the best thing you will ever do !
Gen 3 LS1 V8 High Ratio Rockers 1.85 OEM Factory look rockers
Gen 3 LS1 V8 High Ratio Rockers 1.85 OEM Factory Rockers
Sale Price: $895.00

FIT 1.85 - The Highest Ratio OEM Style Rocker for Gen3 V8
The 1.85 Hybrid is the Highest Most Extreme Ratio available for the LS1 Gen 3 V8. Before and After Dyno tests prove our 1.85 Hybrids Guarantee to Out Perform any other Rocker Available ! Conceived from FIT's Relentless Pursuit of Power we have pushed Rocker Ratio's to the Extreme !