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XR6 Turbo and F6 Typhoon Cooler Thermostat
82*C High Flow Cooler Thermostat for XR6 Turbo and FPV F6 Typhoon

82*C High Flow Cooler Thermostat for XR6 Turbo and FPV F6 Typhoon


Improves Performance

Cooler Engine
High Flow Version
Reduces Operating
Temperature to 82C
List Price $87.00
Sale Price: $48.00


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Cooler Engine for More Power and Reliability
Drop your engine temperature by 10C and by running at cooler operating temperatures it avoids component failure due to Extreme Heat. Great for use with Towing or Driving in Summer Time. Next time you open the bonnet on your XR6 Turbo or FPV F6 Typhoon after driving in traffic you will instantly notice the vast amount of heat in the engine bay.
Heat is not good for Performance and it can also cause pinging, detonation and component failure. For some reason Ford set the factory Thermostat to commencing opening at 95C which is way too Hot for Performance. Our 82C High Flow Cooler thermostat starts to open at 81C which allows the water to flow through the engine and radiator earlier to cool the engine sooner.
Get our High Flow Cooler Thermostat to help your XR6 Turbo and F6 Typhoon with reliability, power consistency and avoid heat related component failure.
  • Kit Includes:
  • 1 x 81*C Cooler Thermostat
  • 1 x Genuine Ford 'O'-Ring Gakset