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Manifold Thermal Insulator for Alloytech V6
Alloytech V6 Manifold Heat Insulator - Heat Insulator
Alloytech V6 Manifold Heat Insulator
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Reduced Intake Manifold Temperature Less Heat = More Power More Torque
List Price $275.00
Sale Price: $235.00


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Our New Intake Manifold Heat Insulator allows even further gains from your CAI system by greatly reducing the amount of heat transfered from the engine to the intake manifold. This opens up the potential for even greater power production and performance consistency.
As we have all come to discover an engine performs better in cooler weather and cooler climate conditions. Once the weather and the engine warm up power tends to drop away as the air becomes less dense. This is where FIT's New Manifold Insulator can help in bringing greater outright power and better power consistency throughout the day.
Look at the Before and After Dyno Resuts:
The Performance Increase is immediately evident. What also becomes apparent is the Improvement to perfrormance consistency. No more fading away of power as the engine gets hotter, especially when combined with our other great thermal help products such as 81*C Thermostat, Heat Shield and Type-S Cold Air Intake.
  • 1 x Thermal Manifold Insualtor
  • 6 x New Modified Bolts
  • 1 x Silicone Gasket
  • Produces a cooler intake and intake manifold charge resulting in more power.
  • A cooler intake charge
  • Reduced tendency for detonation
  • More ignition timing or boost for more power
  • Improve Torque by increasing runner length
  • Better fuel economy