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XR6 Turbo Multicolour Colour Boost Gauge
Boost Gauge for XR6 Turbo and FPV F6 Typhoon
Boost Gauge for XR6 Turbo
7 Multi Colour of LED Background Lighting
High Quality Finish !
Gauge Only Featured !
List Price $118.00
Sale Price: $92.00


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Select from 7 different background Colours at the push of a button:
This High Tech Boost Gauge gives you the option to choose different Illumination Background Colour by selecting one of the 7 Colours of its Multi Colour LED display. A Great way to easily match the colour of your dash lighting. With a Tinted Smoke display when 'OFF' to a Modern Stylish Blue background, Red Indicator Dial when 'activated' this Boost Gauge suits the Interior theme of Blue Background, Red Indicator Dial of the Factory XR6 Turbo Dash Perfeclty !

Accurate and Easy to Read they are just what you need to keep monitor on boost pressure. Installation is made easy by the Compact 2" Size, they'll fit almost anywhere. Complete with Accessory Mounting kit and Installation Instructions.

Reading from -20hg to + 25 psi
Get the information on what's happening inside your engine with a boost gauge. With a modern stylish design finished in satin silver these boost gauges are as good as you can get without spending into the hundreds on name brand gauges. With their popular Tinted Smoke Displayand with 7 Selectable Illumination Colours these gauges look very smart when installed into the dash. Alternatively they can be pillar mounted with a bit of installation craft. When tested compared to computer printout on the Dyno Boost reading we found these to be accurate to within 0.5psi. Their robust construction ensures calibration will be correct even in the toughest of environments.
Watch the Boost go up as you Accelerate !
Once installed you can also see how the boost changes in response to further upgrades that are adding. You will be able to visualise how boost changes according to temperature of the day, and especially the difference between daytime driving and night time driving. A boost gauge is an important instrument for a forced induction vehicles as it is the life source of power creation. Keep and eye on your boost with our High Quality and Easy to Read Boost Gauges.
  • 7 Colour Background Selectable
  • Tinted Smoke Diplay
  • 2" Facia and Housing
  • From -20hg of Vacuum
  • To +25psi of Boost
  • Gauge Mount Pods Sold Seperately