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ROUGH IDLE - Fix for Rough and Crappy Idle Problems on Ford BA, BF, FG Falcon and Ford Territory TS, TY inline 6 cylinder engines. Very common Problem with Ford i6 Inline 6 motors.
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Rough Idle Fix Ford Falcon BA/BF and FG Falcon and Territory models
Rough Idle Fix
List Price $45.00
Sale Price: $28.00

Fix the Rough Idle on your Ford 6 Cylinder engine easily !!

NEW PRODUCT !! .. Absolutely the Best Product for those frustrated with their crappy rough Idle on Ford BA/BF and FG Falcon models and Ford Territory Inline 6 engines (suits Naturally Aspirated and Turbo Models)

If if you're annoyed with your terrible idle quality at the traffic lights when the Transmission lever is positioned in the 'D' drive mode then we have the simplest, best low-cost fix for you!! After 3 years slaving away at trying to find a solution to this very common problem we've finally found it !! Having owned many BA/BF Falcon 6's and Ford Territory's with high klms we've noticed a very common problem with them all.

Virtually all of them idle rough when in "D" for Drive but seem to idle fine when in "N" Neutral or "P" for Park. If you have this problem and it's driving you nuts then this may be the best product you ever buy!!
ROUGH IDLE - Rough Idle Fix for Ford Falcon and Territory i6 Inline 6 cylinder engines
Idle Problems and Crappy idle in BA, BF, FG Ford Falcon and Territory models