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Supercharged V6 Tips and Tricks
A Guide to DIY Servicing Solutions
In our 8 Years of Specialisation with Supercharged V6's we have learnt a lot of Tips and Tricks which have solved a number of small but rather frustrating issues with Supercharged V6's. Some of these range from Belt Squeal, Detontation and Mis-Firing. We have received so much praise for our DIY Servicing Tips and Tricks Solutions for your Supercharged V6 that we thought to make it a Resource to Share with all V6 Supercharged Fans.
We hope these Tips and Tricks bring a smile to the many faces of V6 Supercharged owners that have been frustrated driving and calling all around town trying to find a mechanic that can solve there problem, but usually just end up with a big repair bill and the problem still existing. We have heard from MANY Supercharged V6 owners who have been advise to change all their pulleys idlers and belts to try and solve belt squeal only to find it is stil there after their $400 expedition. Not to mention the Mis-Firing dramas of fuel pump changes, injector cleans, spark plugs, leads, fuels ... etc. $1000-$2000 later, only to find the problem is still there.
Well to many V6 Supercharged Owners the Information we are about to reveal is Absolute Gold for V6 Supercharged Owners who have either been down this path or have been advised to do so. We have all the answers and easy solutions to some of the biggest and most annoying problems with Supercharged V6's .. all with simple $15-$20 fixes ... and THEY WORK !!
We hope this very important information helps many of you Supercharged V6 fans !

Annoying Belt Squeal on Supercharged V6
Belt Squeal on Supercharged V6's has become such a problem these days there are a number of enquiries from Customers and Holden Dealers to us asking how we solve it. Whether your Supercharged V6 still has the Factory Stock 6psi Pulley or any one of an Upgraded Boost Pulley, chances are you have experience some degree of Belt Noise or Squeal.
The Problem seems to become more apparent in Winter Time when there is a lot of Moisture and Dew in the air. This problem is even further exasberated when the car is left outside overnight (not in garage) as the moisture and mildew are able to contaminate the belt, leading to Belt Squeal on start up and for the next 5-10mins of driving or more.
So its Belt Squeal - Big Deal, get over it ! Turn the Stereo up, Problem Solved (Jokes) !
Don't get us wrong, we have a sense of humour and yes this is very funny, but for some the annoyance of Belt Squeal on their Supercharged V6 is a very frustrating daily issue.
Well Supercharged V6 Fans, you'll be Happy to know we have Solved the Problem !
We have received Nationwide Praise and Commendations from Holden Dealer Service and Customers Australia Wide for solving this very small but frustrating enough problem.
The Solution is CRC Silicone Spray !!
Simply Spray your Belts, Pulleys and Idlers every morning for 3 mornings in a row whilst the engine is running. Give it a good liberal spray all over the belts and idlers, don't worry about the thoughts the Belts and Pulleys will Slip because they wont, we guarantee it. We have been using this method for over 3 years now and it works PERFECT !
Note: You HAVE to use CRC SILICONE Spray
Regular CRC or WD40 or other brands of penetrating oils will not work !!
We hope we have made your day and solved that annoying Belt Squeal for you !

Lean A/F Ratio's - Contaminated MAF Meter
Another MAJOR problem with Supercharged V6's is MAF Lean-Out Condition !
This is a VERY SERIOUS condition as the Dangerous Lean-Out in Air Fuel Ratio's can cause detonation, pinging, blown head gaskets, loss of power and many other related problems.
The Cause of MAF METER Contamination:
- K&N Filter and other types of (oil required) high performance air filters
- Road Grime and general intake oil
- Time, Wear and Tear
To elaborate a little further, the most common cases we see of Lean A/F Ratio's when running a car up on the dyno is Contaminated MAF Meter. The symptoms are A/F Ratio's above 13.5:1 and poor performance with misfiring and popping from the engine and exhaust.
The most likely Cause - K&N Air Filters and Other Performance Air Filters which require Oil for Filtration. Why ? Because as the engine pulls in air through the Air Filter and the oil from the Air Filter seeps off and gets caught in the MAF Meter and Contaminates the MAF Meter Elements. This sends skewed readings to the ECU Computer and the wrong A/F Ratio is calculated for what the engine actually needs. Usually the calculation is LEAN causing the above problems.
The Solution:
Clean with CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner !
How to Do ?
Simply Remove the MAF Meter from the Top Lid of the Airbox, Un-Plug the Connector and remove the MAF Entirely from the vehicle. Place onto a bench and spray liberally with CRC ELECTRICAL CONTACT CLEANER on the MAF Meter Elements and Honeycombe Mesh.
Give it a really good going over and make sure it's sparkling clean then let dry for 5-10mins
Re-Install back onto your Engine and Hey Presto - Problem Solved !!
Well most of the time anyway - this is not a guaranteed solution, but we have seen it solve 90% of Lean A/F Ratio's and it is a VERY COMMON Problem !
P.S. After Performing this quick fix we recommend to take your car to a dyno to get a Power Run done with mapping Power and A/F Ratio's to see how your A/F Ratios are performing.

High Low RPM when cruising
Are your RPM's hunting up and down as you cruise down a hill after having your new performance exhaust fitted ?
This is a VERY COMMON Problem. We get asked this at least twice to three times a week and it is a very common situation with Supercharged V6's that have just had New Exhaust fitted.
The Problem and Symptons relate to a condition called Lean Cruise Correction - LCC
This is a Parameter in the Engine ECU Computer programming that instructs Lean A/F Ratio's on Cruise and Decceleration. If the Throttle Postion is <3% for more than 20 seconds and the car is cruising or deccelerating the Computer instructs a command of cycling Air Fuel Ratios from 17:1 A/F to 25:1 A/F ... !!
As you can appreciate these are SERIOUSLY LEAN A/F Ratio's and it's no wonder the engine idle hunts up and down during this LCC Mode Command. The purpose of LCC was to conserve fuel (fuel economy) on decceleration and cruise. It's an In-Built Parameter to all V6 Supercharged ECU Programming and is mostly unnoticed on stock Super6's because they have quiet exhausts.
But as soon as you fit a Performance Exhaust you can hear the idle sound hunting.
The Solution:
Always Drive with at least 5% or more Throttle Input, never cruise with your foot completely off the accelerator as this is what engages the LCC mode.
Other solutions include driving in ECONOMY mode instead of POWER as the gearbox will use 4th Gear Over-Drive at lower road speeds minimising the drag that 3rd gear puts on.

Misfiring and Popping Sounds under Full Throttle
The MOST COMMON cause of this problem is Spark Plugs and Leads !!
If you are experiencing misfiring and popping sounds with your Supercharged V6 at Full Throttle then it is MOST LIKELY due to faulty or worn out leads and plugs.
Do not discount the fact than you just installed new leads and plugs and ... it couldn't possibly be that because they are brand new and I just replaced them not long ago ... Spark Plugs and Leads can fail instantly sometimes upon installation or shortly after, or maybe they were even faulty to start off with. Some leads and plugs are not well suited to Supercharged V6's even though on the Packet is Says for Supercharged V6 - NOT ALL LEADS and PLUGS work on Supercharged V6's.
Supercharged V6's are VERY FUSSY when it comes to Leads and Plugs.
They Need BRAND NEW:
- NGK BPR6EF-13 Plugs
- Factory Leads or Top Gun Leads
We find our Best Solution to the above is our Specialised:
- AUTOLITE 103 Plugs Gapped to 1.0mm
- Top Gun 8.0mm Lead Set
This Solution solves Spark Plug and Lead Misfire Problems 95% of the Time !
If this does not solve your misfiring and popping under full load, see MAF Meter Contamination Solutions and Fuel Quality Recommendations.

Detontation, Pinging and Poor Performance
See all of the above !
Plus have a look at what fuel you are using for your Supercharged V6.
We ONLY Recommend the following fuels:
- BP Ultimate 98+RON
- Shell V-Power 100
- Mobil Synergy 8000
... as Supercharged V6's are VERY FUSSY when it comes to fuels

We hope the above helps many Supercharged V6 fans ... !

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