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1. Qu: What should I do first, Exhaust or 10psi Boost Upgrade ?
This is the most often asked question. The Answer is BOOST !
The 10psi Boost Upgrade is by far the "Best-Bang-for-your-Buck" modification you can do for your Supercharged V6 hands down ! It offers so much Performance Improvement over stock that it virtually changes the whole driving characteristics of the engine.
- More Throttle Response
- 20-30Nm More Torque
- 15-20kW More Power
- More Supercharger Whine
With stock boost of 6psi the factory exhaust actually does an ok job of getting the gases out. We usually find on a stock engine an exhaust upgrade usually only delivers 7-8kW gain and loss of torque down low. It is therefore recommended to Increase Boost first then the exhaust after Rockers and Cold Air Intake. Only then will the engine start flowing enough air to make an exhaust upgrade worthwhile.
If you have a Supercharged V6 Definitely go the 10psi Boost Upgrade before Exhaust.
For more info check out our Power Plan: Boost First !
2. Qu: Which should I do first, Extractors or High Ratio Rocker Upgrade ?
For the same reasons 'as above' ... don't even think about doing Extractors until you have done a heck of a lot of mods first. The factory exhaust and cast iron header manifolds actually do flow surprisingly well from factory. We have seen customers pulling 270kW with stock cast iron factory headers.
Don't Upgrade your headers until one of the very last modifications on your Power Plan agenda. Applying high flowing Extractors too early in the modification process will lead to massive loss of Torque and Response down low. We have heard this case scenario so many times and wish we could have advised owners before they had to find out in hindsight.
With the Formula Outlined in our Power Plan, Boost, Rockers, Cold Air Intake, Exhaust, Extractors, in that order and you will get Gains All the Way !!
Our Power Plan is a Known Formula, it works Perfectly every time: Gains all the Way !
3. Qu: When is the best time to do exhaust and extractor upgrades ?
Following on from the discussions above, we recommend Exhaust and Extractors as only of the last components to upgrade after you have done the Best Upgrades first.
The bonus about following our Power Plan is if you don't have enough money left over to do the Exhaust and Extractors straight away it doesn't matter as you have already got the Best Performing Upgrades installed on your engine and you can Enjoy the Performance !!
If you do the Exhaust and Extractors first and had run out of money to do the Boost and Rocker components, you end up being disappointed with the performance due to lack of response and Torque down low and wishing you had of done the Boost and Rockers instead.

Our Power Plan Modification in Order of Priority:

  1. 10psi Boost Upgrade
  2. 1.9:1 High Ratio Rockers
  3. Type-S Cold Air Intake
  4. Cat Back Exhaust
  5. Then Extractors
It has taken us 7 years of Development to Perfect this formula. It works flawlessly everytime and we know you will be happy ever step of the way with your upgrades. Do yourself a favour, do the Boost, Rockers and CAI first and you will never look back !
4. Qu: Will increasing the boost affect my fuel economy ?
The standard Supercharged V6 engine runs an air-bypass valve located near the inlet duct of the supercharger. This was designed primarily to improve fuel economy and idle quality for light throttle applications.
With our 10psi Boost Upgrade Kit the functionality of this bypass valve is retained so that at light throttle and cruising applications air will be drawn through this bypass and not boosting at all. It is only when you accelerate hard or floor it that it will use more fuel, which is basically the situation with any performance vehicle.
If you drive the car cruising around you will be running on the supercharger air-bypass valve and not use any more fuel than previously with stock boost.
5. Qu: How hard is it to remove the original pulley from the supercharger ?
It is extremely difficult if you do not have the right tooling.
The manufacturer of the supercharger used over 20 Tonnes of pressure to to press the pulley onto the shaft. This was to deter aftermarket performance shops and vehicle owners from swapping it for a smaller one to increase boost. Even the most expensive types of Claw Pullers will not come close to removing the original pulley, it will only damage it.
FIT custom engineered a Pulley Tool allows owners to remove the original pulley and install the hub which accepts any pulley size within their range. This is all done without having to remove the supercharger from the engine. The proven process only 30mins. It comes with very complete and concise instructions and can be installed DIY or by General Mechanics.
6. Qu: Will I have to retune my ECU after every modification ?
We have found in all our time of research and development over the past 7 years the standard ECU Calibration for Ecotec and Supercharged V6's is fine for use with all our upgrades and modifications without requiring retuning.
In order to allow your engine and ECU to run properly we recommend the following:
- Ensure your MAF meter is perfect (clean elements with CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner)
- Your Spark Plugs must be in perfect condition BPR6EF-13 regapped to 1.0mm
- Brand New Top Gun TG-6165'c' Leadset
- Always Use BP Ultimate 98+RON Premium
The only item that requires tuning is the Intercooler.
7. Qu: How much boost can I run ?
We recommend to Most of our clients the 10 psi pulley as the Best boost pressure to run on BP Ultimate 98+RON Premium fuel. This Boost Pressure has been proven over the past 7 years to run perfectly for all engines no matter the condition or level of modification. It is the max safe boost level without any supporting mods required.
If also upgrading other components as well such as 1.97 Hybrid Rockers, CAI, Exhaust and extractors, you can in most cases run upto 10.5psi or even 11psi without retuning. With re-tuning and Octane Booster you can run up to 12psi. Anything beyond 12psi we recommend a cam or Intercooler.
With Intercooler you can safely run upto 17psi without touching the inside of the engine. Many of our clients purchase additional pulleys to have a variety or pulley's to chose from for racing days, dyno events and car shows, then change back to 10psi for the street use. This is the best way to get the best of all worlds.

8. Qu: Will the Boost and Rocker work on a CV6 Monaro or HSV XU6 ?

Yes for sure, they all run exactly the same motor as the regular Commodores, Berlina's, Calais, Statesman and Caprice. Models of factory supercharged V6's started in 1997 with the VS Commodore, Berlina's, Calais, Statesman and Caprice. Then followed in late 1998 with the VT Commodore, Berlina, Calais, Statesman and Caprice. Next was the VX in 2001 with again Commodore, Berlina, Calais, Statesman and Caprice.
The latest offering is the sharp looking VY Commodore, Berlina, Calais, Statesman and Caprice. In the midst of all this came the Monaro in 2001 available in CV6 format. The most popular amongst the V6 Supercharged cult was the 'S' Pac with well alloy wheels and spoilers as standard, HSV XU6 and of coarse again the CV6 Monaro. Judging from the number of sales and enquiries there also appears to be a huge number of Calais, Statesmans and Caprices sold with the Super 6 sold as standard.
9. Qu: Could I possibly damage my engine by increasing Boost to 10psi ?
No, not at all. We have been doing this upgrade to thousands and thousands of Supercharged V6's all around Australia over the past 7 years with absolutely never any damage to the engine. The only time you will possibly cause damage is if you don't run the absolute best quality of fuel. We recommend BP Ultimate 98+RON for best results.
Also the Supercharged V6 engine is equipped with one of the most sophisticated engine management computers in the world. Capable of many thousands of calculations per second. From the factory your car has been fitted with not one, but two knock sensors. These twin knock sensors are mounted on each bank of cylinders and communicate continuously with the engine management computer to relay any engine noises that sound like detonation.
Depending on the severity and amplitude of the noise the engine management compensates via fuel and timing changes to safeguard against harmful detonation.

10. Qu: Why can my mate's car run more boost than mine ?

This is quite a complex issue, but can be answered broadly by stating it's due to a number of internal as well as external factors relating to your engines susceptibility towards detonation. This situation is common to any motor with Forced Induction.
The amount of boost your engine can run is limited by the engine's tendency to detonate at a given level of load, fuel and timing. Usually adding more fuel or reducing the amount of timing can suppress detonation. But there comes a point where reducing the timing or adding more fuel becomes detrimental to power output. So why is it that two identical motors will behave differently when it comes to accepting extra boost?
Here's a quick checklist of factors that allows some engine to run more boost than others.
Fuel Octane: The level of octane in fuel is one of the number one determinants of whether the engine will detonate. Always make sure you run the highest grade of fuel available in your location. Stick to Premium, preferably 98+RON Octane Rating, and don't mix and match fuels. You must run premium all the time for it to be effective. Putting half a tank of premium and half a tank of regular unleaded will dilute the octane rating downwards sharply.
Temperature: With the mention of temperature there are three broad sub-categories: Engine Temperature, Intake Air Temperature and Ambient or Climate Air Temperature. Broadly speaking the cooler the temperature the lesser the tendency for the engine to detonate. Hotter engine and inlet temperatures lead to a greater susceptibility for detonation. The best way to try and combat this is to either make the engine run cooler or grab cooler air for the engine to ingest. On a warm day in the middle of summer in hotter regions of Australia it may be hard to combat this. In hotter times of the year we recommend to run less boost (10psi max).
Exhaust: The more restrictive an exhaust the more tendency for detonation as not all of the burnt fuel and air can be expelled causing heat to become congested in the cylinder and exhaust valve. The opposite effect can happen if the exhaust is freed up too much and fuel mixtures run on the lean-side.
Localised Hot Spots: Hot temperatures increase the tendency for detonation to occur. Some engines, when assembled, have an overlap of head gasket material which overhangs into the cylinder and 'glows' when temps get extreme under heavy load. This glow causes the fuel to pre-ignite, aggravating the incidence of detonation. The same can happen with spark plugs, cylinder head castings or valve tips that glow when cylinder temps climb.
Engine Management: Depending on what types of modification you have made, the engine management's ability to compensate for the changes may also play a vital part in determining whether the engine will detonate at a given level of boost. The engine management computer can be remapped to compensate for activity that may invoke detonation.
We've seen some engines run between 12 and 14 psi during winter, with great results because the cooler winter air helps to suppress detonation, but come summer they seem to suffer. This is quite common for all supercharged engines. It all depends on what modifications have been done to the engine and how it reacts to the amount of boost being forced into the cylinders.
There are no set rules to the amount of boost you can actually run, is just a case of trying and seeing how it goes. The best way to know how much boost your engine will handle is to try it on a chassis dyno under supervised conditions.
11. Qu: Do I have to change my injectors or fuel pump with these upgrades ?
Unless if you are generating over 300rwhp you will not need to upgrade the stock items. The factory supercharged engine is equipped with decent sized injectors (36lb/hour) and a two speed fuel pump that raises pressure according to demand.
The only time that we would recommend to change the injectors, fuel pump or pressure regulator is if you have a fault with any of the components or you are pushing over 300rwhp. The best way to check how your fuel system is coping is to run it up on a dyno. Check the air/fuel ratio being outputted at full load throughout the rpm range.
The air/fuel ratio should never exceed 12.5:1 at full load. Anywhere above this indicates a possible lean condition that should be rectified.
12. Qu: Why do I need to run 98+RON Premium Unleaded Petrol ?
Supercharged V6's are very fussy when it comes to fuel. You MUST put in the absolute best quality fuel you can find in your local area. In most instances we recommend the BP Ultimate 98+RON by BP or Mobil Synergy 8000 or even the New Shell V-Power 100.
We cannot stress enough how important it is to run your Supercharged V6 on the best quality fuel available, especially if you have increased boost and other performance items added.
With good quality fuel you will:
- Get Increased Power, Performance and Throttle Response
- Cleaner Burn for cylinder protection
- Reducing tendency for detonation
- Better Fuel Economy
Buying cheaper, lesser Octane fuels is a false economy, you get less performance, less fuel economy, gunk up your engine and increase the possibility of engine damage from detonation.
Do yourself a favour, run the BP Ultimate 98+RON and you will never look back.
13. Qu: Why Choose V6 Performance for my Supercharged V6 Parts ?
V6 Performance is Australia's only True Dedicated V6 Specialist ! We bring you the Best Range of parts for V6 Engines from all across Australia and around the World. We cater for all makes and models of Holden V6 with Race and Dyno Proven Results ! Soon we will also be adding items for the Toyota Aurion V6, Holden Alloytech V6 and many others.
14. Qu: Why Choose V6 Performance for my Ecotec and Supercharged V6 Parts ?
V6 Performance are the only True 100% Dedicated V6 Specialists in Australia. We have the widest range of parts that are dyno and track proven to outperform any other parts available on the market.
Our Customers hold all Australian and World 1/4 Mile Racing Titles for M90 Supercharged V6's.
They also hold the Outright Power Record for:
- Opened Engines
- Unopened Engines
- Most Powerful L67
Unfortunately when you are successful other individuals try to put you down. At V6 Performance we are not bothered with all the talk. Our Strong Commitment to Innovation, Research and Development keeps us well out in front of the competition leaving them struggling to catch up.
15. Qu: How long will it take for my order to arrive ?
We ship all items by Australia Post 2-3day Express Air

16. Qu: Do you ship to every state in Australia ?

We ship daily to all destinations in Australia

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