V6 Performance
Power through Innovation

Using the combined resources of the Worlds Leading Car Parts Suppliers, Automotive Engineers and CNC Machining Facilities, V6 Performance brings you the Best Performance.
You may have heard the Success of FIT (Forced Induction Technologies) through Car Shows, Drag Strips, Magazines and Online Media being the Leaders in V6 Performance. FIT still own all the Major M90 Titles and Records, Worlds Fastest and Most Powerful Supercharged V6 Categories, Worlds first Commercially Available M90 A2A Intercooler, Worlds First 1.97 Hybrid Extreme Ratio Rockers.
Even after 7 years of Challenges and Competitions no other has been able to beat FIT's ground breaking records set back in 2004.
If you want Class Leading Performance then V6 Performance is your Store