Noisy Pulleys
How to Solve Noisy Pulleys on Supercharged V6

Got a Noisy Supercharger Pulley ?

Whether you have a Factory Stock Supercharger Pulley or Modified Supercharger Pulley chances are you maybe experiencing a Noisy Bearing Sound or Belt Squeal with your Supercharger. We are flooded with enquiries about how this can be solved so have written our Noise Fix List below:
First thing to try is CRC Silicone Spray as mentioned here: Supercharged Service
If that helped but has not solved the noise completely try the following:
Top 5 Tips for Fixing Noisey Supercharger
1) Replace Coupler with Polyurethane - The Factory Supercharger Coupler is made of a rigid hard plastic and can wear out like a universal joint causing a rock tumbling sound
Solution: Replace with Polyurethane Coupler. This ia a Quieter Material than factory and also being new takes up the slack caused from a worn coupler so this fixes noises 60% of the time
To Purchase a Replacement Coupler Click Here: Supercharger Coupler
2) Replace Stock Pulley with Boost Upgrade Pulley - The Factory Supercharger Pulley is made from Steel and is large in Diameter, Upgraded Supercharger Pulleys are made of Aluminium
Solution: Replace Factory Stock Pulley with our 10psi Boost Upgraded Pulley. The differences in material composition and size can sometimes solve the noises 20% of the time
To Purchase a New Boost Upgraded Pulley Click Here: Pulley Upgrade
3) Replace Belt with Goodyear GATORBACK Belt - Super Quiet running belt that is designed totally different from regular supercharger belts and solves noises 10% of the time.
Solution: Remove old belt and Replace with Goodyear GATORBACK Super Quiet Belt providing more grip and better sound supression through directional groove design and softer rubber
To Purchase a New GATOBACK Belt Click Here: Gatorback Belts
4) Replace Idler Tensioner Pulleys and Idler Tensioner Mechanism - These are rarely the cause of Supercharger Noise but are the first most often instructed to change. In Most Instances we have found this is not usually where the noise is coming from and only solve the noise 10% of the time so have revised this to second last on our list.
To Purchase New Idler Tensioner Pulleys Click Here: Tensioner Pulleys
5) Replace Supercharger Snout with New or Low Mileage Unit - The Supercharger Snout has Bearings and Seals which can wear out over time. You can replace these Bearing and Seals (they are quite cheap to buy) but it requires a lot of precision and Specialist Equipment to install
To Purchase a New or Low Mileage Snout Click Here: Replacement Snout
We hope this tips have helped solved your noises