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Gapped Colder Plugs   1.0mm Gapped Colder Plugs
1.9 HRR   1.9 High Ratio Rockers
1.95 EXT   1.95 Extreme Ratio Rockers
1.97 HYBrid Extreme   1.97 Hybrid Extreme Ratio Rockers
Secret Tips   10 Secret Tips for Supercharged V6
10 PSI Kit   10psi Boost Upgrade Kit
300KW FIT Sticker   300kW FIT Enhanced
4 INCH MAF Ducting   4" MAF Ducting and MAF Relocator
5.0 Litre V8 Beater Pack   5.0 Litre V8 Beater Package
5/16 Pushrods for V6   5/16 Pushrods for 1.97 Hybrid Rockers
69mm Throttle Body   69mm Big Bore Throttle Body
7 Colour Boost Gauge   7 Colour Boost Gauge
81C Cooler Thermostat   81*C Cooler Thermostat
A2A Accessory Kit   A2A Intercooler Accessory Kit
AUTOLITE 103 Colder Plugs   AUTOLITE 103 Colder Plugs
BA/BF IPHONE INPUT   BA/BF i-Phone Audio and Charging Lead
XR6 Turbo Cooler Plugs   Colder Spark Plugs for XR6 Turbo
Lumpy Idle Switch   Electric Lumpy Idle Switch
Extra Boost Pulley   Extra Power-Up Pulley
Gen 3 LS1 V8 High Ratio Rocker   Gen 3 LS1 V8 High Ratio Rockers 1.85 OEM Factory Rockers
Gen III 5.7L V8 Beater Pack   Gen III 5.7L V8 Beater Package
Hi-Low Boost Switch   Hi-Low Boost Switch
High Flow Intake Package   High Flow Intake Package
Rodeo Isuzu V6 Airbox Upgrade   Holden Rodeo and Isuzu V6 CAI Airbox Upgrade
SV 3800 Memcal   HSV 3800 Memcal Chip
XU-6 Platinum Series Chip   HSV XU-6 Platinum Series Performance Chip
Fan Switch   In-Cabin Fan Switch
Heat Shield Stainless Steel   Laser Heat Shield
Manifold Insulator   Manifold Thermal Insulator
Insulator Alloytech V6   Manifold Thermal Insulator for Alloytech V6
PUSH-TO-START Button   PUSH-TO-START Button for Commodore
RACE Flow Perspex Lid   RACE Flow - Clear Perspex Lid
RACE Flow Intake VT-VY Series   RACE Flow - Cold Air Intake for VT-VY Series
RACE Flow Intake VZ Alloytech   RACE Flow - Cold Air Intake for VZ Alloytech
RACE-SERIES W2A Intercooler   RACE-SERIES W2A Intercooler for L67
Rough-Idle-Fix   Rough Idle Fix
Shorter Belt   Shorter Belt for Boost Upgrade
SOUND-LIKE-A-V8-ENGINE   Sound like a V8 Engine
SPORTS-CAR-ENGINE-SOUND   Sound like a V8, V10 or V12 Engine
STEALTH W2A Intercooler   STEALTH W2A Intercooler for L67
Supercharger Kit   Supercharger kit for Ecotec V6
Universal Hub   Universal Hub for Pulley
Voltage Increaser   Volatge Increase Kit
RACE Flow Intake VN-VS   VS SERIES RACE Flow - Cold Air Intake
XR6 Turbo Cooler Thermostat   XR6 Turbo and F6 Typhoon Cooler Thermostat
XR6 Turbo Boost Gauge   XR6 Turbo Multicolour Colour Boost Gauge
XR6 Turbo Gauge Mounts   XR6 Turbo Twin Gauge Mounts

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